Are you the Right Person to Plant a Church?

One of the keys to church planting is to have the right people for the job. Revive is praying to God and working to raise up, nurture and encourage gifted people for the task.

1. Some questions to consider before you start.

Are you an evangelist?

Have you seen people become Christian through your ministry?

One to one and through public preaching?

Have people encouraged you in your preaching?

Are you able to cast a vision?

Are you discipling people?

Have you seen people grow in maturity and seen people move into leadership through your ministry?

Are you effective at building teams?

Do people follow your leadership?

Are your prayerful?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you love to take initiatives and build new ministries?


Do you have a passion for church planting and reaching the lost?

Are you reading about church planting?

Do you have some strategies in mind?

Are your praying about gospel ministry in Victoria?

Which areas has the Lord placed on your heart?


Have you been ordained with the Presbyterian Church or are you willing to be ordained?

2. Assessment

To help us in selecting the right people we partner with the Geneva Push Church planting ministry to assess people for the task. Geneva is a movement aiming to see hundreds of new churches evangelized into existence throughout Australia. It is a prayer and goal we share and support.

Steps for Individuals to become Church planters.

If you are interested in planting with the PCV you should contact Richard Wilson. We would love to talk with you about the opportunities and help you through the assessment process. Key steps include.